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The Ring die is the main accessory of the pellet mill, which can be used to produce pellets such as animal feed, biomass pellets, poultry feed, livestock feed, aqua feed and other granules. The quality of the ring die directly affects the efficiency of the pellet mill and the quality of the pellets.

Jinding is an experienced ring die manufacturer who can provide you high quality ring dies. We can manufacture different models of ring dies for many famous brands of pellet mills, such as CPM, BUHLER, FAMSUN, Muyang, Andritz, Van arson, etc., and customize ring dies according to customers' technical drawings.

Types of Ring Dies
Collar, Cylindrical Bolt and Conical
Cylindrical Bolt

The Shape of Die Holes
In the market, you get dies in a variety of shapes. For example, you can choose straight-type holes, outer cone holes, stepped holes, and inner cone holes.

Stepped and straight holes are ideal for processing mixed feed pellets; outer cone holes work well for processing high fiber feeds; inner cone holes are suitable for processing large volumes of feeds such as forage powder

Quick Details

Condition  New Dimension Customized/ Tailor-Made
Brand Name Jinding Treatment Heat Treatment by Vacuum Furnace
Type Pellet Mill Hardness 52-55HRC
Processing Object Mixed Feed Material High Chrome Stainless, Alloy Steel
Grinding Equipment Type Feed Hammer Mill Packaging Details Standard exporting package suitable   for long distance transportation
Specification Depends on different types of pellet mills Origin Sichuan Province, China
Production PeriodAround 2 weeksTransportationSea/Air freight/Express
HS Code843699000Payment TermTT/LC

Ring Die Manufacturing Process

During the Manufacturing Process
Material: 4Cr13, with a tensile strength of more than 600MP, is required to be forged and meet the drawing and process document accurately.

Rough Machining Process: Dimensional accuracy of the working surface of the inner loop, the outer loop is less than the IT 10 degree of the 1800.3 regulations.

Threaded Hole Drilling Process: Roundness of center distance accurately controlled within 0.5mm.

Deep Drilling Process: Machining by high precision multi-position Computer Numerical Control gun drill to ensure precise assembly dimensions and arrangement of die holes.

Chamfer and Decompression Process: We use fully automated technology to ensure the spacing of the chamfer and the depth of decompression meet the requirements.

Vacuum Heat Treatment: Ensure that the hardness is uniform, with a range between HRC52-55, and a difference of no more than HRC2.

Extractive Machinery Process: Ring die surface roughness should not exceed 6.3 μof GB/T 1031, with a runout level less than 0.05.

Wire-electrode Cutting Process: The key way is processed by wire cutting, and the size could be precisely controlled.

Packing: Fill the threaded hole of the ring die assembly with 2# and apply anti-rust oil before packing.

Product Application
Ring die granulation technology is widely used in the feed industry, the renewable biomass energy industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Different pellet mills are used for different materials, but the core part is the pellet mill ring die. 

◆ Feed processing pellet machines, are all kinds of feed pellet machines for animals, poultry, and livestock.
◆ Biomass pellet machine
From the choosing of raw material to the after-sales service. Jinding is dedicated to every step in order to serve the perfect ring die to our customers. The high tensile strength, high abrasion resistance, high corrosion resistance rate, high impact resistance, high heat resistance, and high fatigue resistance are the characteristics our ring die has.

Product Characteristics

  The steel we use is high-carbon and high-chromium steel (4Cr13), which has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high strength.
  Ring dies are manufactured with advanced special purpose gun drills to ensure precise assembly dimensions and arrangement of die holes.
  Vacuum heat treatment is adopted to ensure the uniform hardness of the ring die, the range is between HRC 52-54, and the difference does not exceed HRC 2.
  With a special hole arrangement, it has a higher production capacity under the same opening area, thus prolonging the service life and reducing energy consumption.
  The opening ratio and compression ratio are supported by rich design experience, which can meet the requirements of different raw materials and different granules for ring die, and improve the quality and efficiency of granulation.
  Our products have a good finish and smooth discharge, which can effectively improve production efficiency.
The ring dies in use should regularly check the die hole to see if it is blocked, and clean it in time.

Work Shop

How to choose suitable ring die
1. Choose the ring die according to your raw materials, as different raw materials require different die holes, porosity, and compression ratios.
2. Check the raw materials used in the ring die as well as its manufacturing process.
3. Pay attention to the shapes of the die hole.
4. Die hole roughness influences the quality of the ring dies. A ring dies drilled by a gun drill will have smoother die holes.
5. Choose the appropriate compression ratio of the ring dies.

Our Advantages
 ◆ Raw Material Selection:We use premium-grade stainless steel, sourced from certified suppliers, as the raw material for our products. Our rigorous selection process ensures that only top quality materials are used for our ring dies.

 ◆ Integration of imported equipment: We have integrated leading-edge imported machinery and equipment into our production line to enhance accuracy and efficiency. As a result of leveraging advanced technology, we guarantee high levels of consistency and reliability for our production process for ring dies.

 ◆ Customized Production Approach: We work closely with our clients to understand their specific production requirements and preferences. With the help of our experienced engineers and designers, we create tailor-made solutions that align with each client's specifications, industry standards, and environmental requirements.

 ◆ 24/7 global delivery and after-sales support

 ◆ We can manufacture Ring dies according to the customer's technical drawings

 ◆ We offer customers inventory plans in order to avoid customers from affecting production due to the exhaustion of accessories

 ◆ Our engineer's team designs the most suitable product for our customers based on their needs and provides professional advice on the selection of Ring dies

The ring die is the key component of the pellet mill, its correct installation, use, and maintenance are of great importance to improving the efficiency of the pellet mill and reducing the consumption to wear parts.

  The ring die of the pellet mill needs to be used together with the roller shell. Usually, the new ring die must be matched with the new roller shell in order to ensure that the working surface of the new ring die is pressed evenly, that is, that the ring die can maximize its use efficiency.

  During the use of the ring die, the most critical part is to adjust the working gap between the ring die and the roller shell. Usually 0.3-0.5mm.

  Periodically check the wear of the ring dies. If the upper and lower wear of the ring die width is inconsistent, the ring die can be rotated 180°

  After granulation, if the pellet mill needs to be shut down or the ring die needs to be changed, the residual feed in the die hole should be cleaned with non-corrosive oil, so that the material can discharge smoothly when it is used again, and prevent the die hole corrosion.

  When the die is removed from the granulator, it should be stored in a dry area, and when new stampers are received, they should also be stored in a dry area to avoid rusting.

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