The Comprehensive Guide to Ring Gears

Are you still hesitating about choosing ring gears? This article will give you a comprehensive understanding of ring gears. A must-read before purchasing.


1. Introduction to Ring Gears

2. What is a Ring Gear?

3. Ring Gear Repair

4. How to Measure Ring Gear

5. Manufacturing Processes

6. Ring Gear Maintenance

7. Technological Advancements



1. Introduction to Ring Gears

The Ring Gear is the main component of the ultra-fine pulverizer, suitable for ultra-fine grinding of fish feed, shrimp feed, and other aquatic feed and young animal feed.

The working principle of the ultrafine pulverizer is as follows: the pulverizing disc rotates at high speed, and the material is impacted and sheared by the hammer blades on the disc, forming primary crushing. The crushed material is then subjected to high-speed impact on the gear ring by the airflow, undergoing secondary pulverization. The refluxed material and the material flying towards the gear ring undergo friction, collision, and shearing, further pulverizing to form fine particles, which then enter the air classification chamber under the force of the airflow. Within the air classification chamber, a grading impeller rotates at high speed. Inappropriate particles are returned to the pulverizing chamber under centrifugal force, while particles of appropriate fineness exit the air classification chamber and enter the storage bin. Therefore, the adjustment of pulverizing fineness is achieved by adjusting the air velocity and the speed of the grading impeller, which helps to prevent over-pulverization.

The ring gear and the hammer heads work together, under the action of collision, friction, and shearing with the ring gear and hammer head, the coarsely crushed particles entering the pulverizer are crushed into a finer powder.


2. What is a Ring Gear?

Our ring gear is crafted using high-quality carbon structural steel (Q235) as raw material, expertly shaped through precision rolling with a plate rolling machine.

Here's what makes our ring gear stand out:

  • Precision Engineering: Through meticulous fine-tuning of both inner and outer surfaces, we ensure unparalleled accuracy in size, optimizing the gear's performance.

  • Enhanced Durability: Each stage tooth of our ring gear is fortified with tungsten carbide alloy welding. This reinforcement significantly boosts abrasion resistance, extending the gear's service life and durability.

  • Improved Crushing Efficiency: We've innovated the design by adjusting the angle of the alloy on the ring gear. This modification increases the frontal striking surface with the hammer, consequently enhancing crushing efficiency.

  • Versatile Options: Our ring gears come in both integral and split varieties. While integral ring gears offer robustness, split ring gears provide added convenience during installation and replacement.

  • Flawless Finish: We meticulously grind away any welding residue on the ring gear, ensuring a smooth and aesthetically pleasing product. This meticulous process also guarantees the product's dimensional accuracy.

  • Compatibility: Our ring gears are designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of ultra-fine pulverizing units, ensuring versatility and adaptability across various applications.


3. Ring Gear Repair

Over time, ring gears may experience wear, damage, or misalignment due to factors such as heavy loads, improper lubrication, or manufacturing defects. Common issues include tooth wear, pitting, and gear backlash, which can adversely affect performance and reliability. To address these issues, technicians follow a systematic repair process involving inspection, diagnosis, gear tooth profiling, and precise machining or replacement of damaged components.


4.  How to Measure Ring Gear

Precise measurement of the gear ring involves assessing diameter, thickness, and surface roughness using tools like calipers and surface roughness testers.

Dimension Measurement: The dimension of the gear ring is a critical parameter that directly impacts its fit and functionality within the pulverizer system.

Surface Roughness Analysis: Utilizing surface roughness testers, engineers assess the quality of the gear ring's surface finish, ensuring optimal contact and minimal energy loss during operation.

Quality Control Checks: Beyond dimensional measurements, quality control checks are imperative to verify the overall integrity and functionality of the gear ring. 


5. Manufacturing Processes

Ring gears are typically manufactured using advanced processes such as precision forging, hobbing, and gear shaping to achieve the required dimensional accuracy and surface finish. High-quality steel alloys such as YG15 are commonly used for their superior strength and heat treatment response. After machining, ring gears undergo rigorous quality control inspections, including dimensional checks, hardness testing, and magnetic particle inspection, to ensure compliance with industry standards and customer specifications.


6.  Ring Gear Maintenance

To maximize the service life and performance of ring gears, proactive maintenance practices are essential. This includes regular inspection of gear teeth for signs of wear or damage, proper lubrication with high-quality gear oil, and monitoring of operating conditions such as temperature and vibration. Additionally, periodic gear backlash measurements and alignment checks help prevent premature wear and ensure smooth gear operation.


7. Technological Advancements

With the advancement of technology, the manufacturing technology of ultrafine pulverizer gear rings is continuously improved, such as the use of advanced CNC machining equipment and new materials to improve the wear resistance and service life of the gear ring. At the same time, the structure and design of the gear ring are continuously optimized to improve the pulverization efficiency and stability of the equipment.



At Jinding Machinery, we're committed to delivering high-quality ultrafine pulverizer gear rings that excel in precision, durability, and performance. Revolutionize your particle size reduction processes with our innovative solutions.


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